Achievement / Trophy guide

– Estimated achievement difficulty:  3/10
– Online:
– Approximate amount of time to 1000 / Platinum: 25-35 Hours
– Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
– Missable achievements  : Yes, 1 Hidden In Plain Sight (no longer possible after end of story)
– Does difficulty affect achievements: No, can do everything on easy 
– Unobtainable/glitched achievements : No
– Extra equipment needed: No


Unlock all trophies

Earn all other trophies in Far Cry 6 to unlock the Platinum (DLC not required).


Select Dani’s look (Solo Campaign only)

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. During the first cutscene at the very start of the game you will need to choose whether to play the male or female character. After making your choice this trophy will unlock.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Find your way to Miami

*MISSABLE* – No longer possible after finishing the main story / after seeing the “real” ending

This is unlocked from the secret ending. Simply drive off the edge of the map with a boat, or fly over the edge with a plane/helicopter. It doesn’t matter where exactly or in which direction you’re leaving the map, anywhere will work. When you get close to the edge it will say at the top of the screen “Leaving Yara. Turn Around!”. Just keep going over the edge of the map and a cutscene will trigger with the secret Miami ending. Afterward, you’re put back into the main map with all your progress intact (no progress is lost, the game doesn’t actually end). You can still free roam after this and continue doing the real ending.This can only be done before finishing the main story. If you already finished the main story, the secret ending is no longer available, and instead of “Leaving Yara” it will show “Out of Bounds” when trying to exit the map, hence this is technically missable. However, you could quickly get it in a new game as soon as you find a boat / plane / helicopter.

Cutting Foreign Ties

Recruit the Legends of ’67 and La Moral

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. For completing all story missions (operations) in El Este.

Montero Justicia

Recruit the Monteros

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. For completing all story missions (operations) in Madrugada.

Voz del Pueblo

Recruit Máximas Matanzas

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. For completing all story missions (operations) in Valle De Oro.

Viva La Revolución

Take back Yara

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. For completing the main story.


Capture an FND Base without being detected (Solo Campaign only)

There are 21 FND Bases (enemy Outposts). Conquer an FND Base without being seen by an enemy (without the white detection indicator getting full). This is best done with a silenced weapon, such as the MS16 S rifle which you get automatically during the prologue on Isla Santuario. It kills enemies in 1-2 headshots.

An easy Outpost to do this is Sureno Shipyards in the south-west of El Este. The enemies are far apart and not directly looking at each other, so they won’t notice your kills.

You can do this at any other FND base, too. If you get spotted, reload the last Autosave (System > Load Autosave), or blow yourself up to respawn.

NOTE: Everything related to FND Bases is Semi-Missable. There is no function to reset all FND Bases at once. However, after the story you unlock “Insurgency Challenges” which respawn one base per week. You can exploit this by changing the time/date one week forward in PS5 system settings to cycle through different FND bases (close game, disconnect from internet, change date in PS5 Settings to one week in the future, reboot game).


Capture an FND base with a Co-op partner


This can only be done in online co-op, either with a friend or via matchmaking. If you don’t have someone to play with, you can use the automatic matchmaking to host a game, or join someone else.

Go to any FND Base and conquer it while in online co-op. It doesn’t matter if you alert the enemies or not. You can start co-op by clicking the friends icon in the top right corner of the pause menu or title screen.


Capture all FND Bases (Solo Campaign only)

Capture all FND Bases.

Finders Keepers!

Return 3 FND Resource vehicles in mint condition

Resource Vehicles are the trucks driven by enemies that carry camp resources such as metal, gasoline, medicine. You must steal these from main roads and drive them to a vehicle pickup point, which are marked by green car icons on the map (the vehicle stations from where you summon cars). It’s important the vehicles are in “mint” condition, which means they aren’t badly damaged, no smoke coming from the engine. You can also repair vehicles with the Repair Tool from weapon wheel. Park them in the vehicle spot and it should give you 50 resources. Repeat 3 times.

The perfect location for this is in Madrugada, Costa Del Mar. At the road next to the vehicle pickup point there will be resource trucks coming along every minute. You should be able to get the trophy here within 5 minutes.

After parking a truck in the vehicle pickup point it won’t go away on its own. So to make space for the next truck, spawn a quad or some other vehicle. This makes the truck go away. Then drive the vehicle out of the pickup point, thus freeing the space for the next truck.

Check It Out

Capture 10 Checkpoints (Solo Campaign only)

Capture 10 Checkpoints.

Friendly Skies

Blow up 16 Anti-Aircraft Cannons (Solo Campaign only)

Blow up 16 Anti-Aircraft Cannons.

It’s Raining Treasure!

Intercept 10 Military Supply Drops (Solo Campaign Only)

Intercept 10 Military Supply Drops.

Undying Tradition

Complete the Yaran Story “Triada Blessings”

Complete the Yaran Story “Triada Blessings”.

Top of the Pecking Order

Win a Cockfighting match

Cockfighting is a minigame that can be started in Madrugada (West Region) > Montero Farm. That’s the main camp in Madrugada region.

Talk to the man at the cockfighting ring, and if you don’t have a rooster yet, collect the one from the crate next to the cockfighting ring. During cockfights you can dodge with  and :l-left: :l-right: and attack with    .

An easy strategy is to wait for the enemy rooster to start an attack and dodge back, then do a long range  attack to counter-attack. You must win 2 rounds to win the match.

Speed Racer

Complete 3 Gran Premios

For this you can repeat the SAME Gran Premio Race 3 times in a row. They don’t need to be different ones. There are 12 Gran Premios in total. They are short checkpoint races where you must drive through goals within a time limit.

Beginner’s Luck

Win a Dominoes game

Dominoes is the minigame found in El Este (East Region) > Patriotas Peak, which is your main game in that region.

Dominoes is a turn-based game, where players must grow the domino chain by matching dots. If a player has no more tiles matching the available dots, they must skip their turn. The game ends when no more tiles can be placed on the board. The player with the lowest value remaining in their hand wins the game. Winning a match on Civilian difficulty is enough for the trophy.


Complete a Special Operation


Special Operations is an online mode that you can start via the quest board in your 3 main camps (Madrugada, Valle De Oro, El Este). It’s only available if you’re connected to the online servers, but can be played solo without other players. The goal is to find a PG-240X battery and bring it back to the starting point. For example, on the first Spec Ops mission “Mesozoico”, you find this battery in a building in the north-east of the area (use your HUD minimap in bottom left corner to see where north-east is).

Alpha Guerrilla

Successfully complete 5 Bandido Operations

Bandido Operations are started from the “Los Bandidos” board found at each of the 3 main camps (in Madrugada, Valle De Oro, El Este). While at camp, this board will be highlighted by a white icon with 3 people on it . This is a passive minigame where you can send one of your leaders away to do quests for you. These take a certain amount of time to complete. The first one only takes 1 minute, then they start to take 1 hour and keep going up in length (the more you’ve completed, the longer they will take). This takes hours in real time. Simply keep playing and check back regularly (you also get a blue popup in bottom left corner when the time is up). Once the time is up, you must return to the board and select from 3 commands to give to your leader. It’s best to pick the commands that have the highest success chance. If the Bandido Operation fails, it will NOT count towards this trophy! It has to finish successfully for it to count. You can further improve the chance for success by selecting a leader with the right skills for the mission and building/upgrading the Guerrilla Garrison at one of the three main camps. You also gain good rewards from sending your leaders to these missions with no work involved on your end, so it’s well worth doing these regularly even after the trophy is done.

Road Rage

Perform a Vehicle Machete Kill from a horse

Horses are found frequently in the world and can be called at any Horse Pickup Station (green horse icon on map). Ride along a main road until you see an enemy vehicle. While riding alongside the enemy vehicle press :r3: to perform a Vehicle Machete kill. This will make you jump over and hijack the vehicle.

Armed to the Teeth

Collect 49 Unique Weapons

For this you need all 49 Unique weapons. There are exactly 49 of these in the game. The generic purchasable weapon variants do NOT count for this. Only the ones that are listed under “Unique” in the Arsenal count. The Unique weapons are basically Collectibles, found in chests around the open world, from Treasure Hunts, and from some other side tasks.

Hogar Dulce Hogar

Fully upgrade one Camp Facility at any Guerrilla Camp (Solo Campaign only)

At each of your 3 main camps (Madrugada, Valle De Oro, El Este), you can talk to the Foreman with the green hammer icon to build Facilities. At each Camp you can build 2 Facilities. Each Facility has 3 levels. For this trophy you must upgrade any one of these Facilities to Level 3.

Building and upgrading them costs Medicine, Metal, Gasolina. These resources are scattered throughout the open world and at enemy bases, so always pick them up when you see them. After building the second level of the ‘Hidden Network’ facility, it will spawn a resource cache at every hideout that gives 10 of each resource per day. Because there are 15 hideouts you can get 150 of each resource per day this way. You can also get resources from conquering FND Bases, from stealing Resource Vehicles (marked red on map), and sometimes from Bandido Operations (started by quest board at your camps).


Acquire every Supremo in Yara

Acquire every Supremo in Yara.

Fry Cry

Purchase 15 Meals

First you must build the building “La Cantina” at one of the 3 main camps of your allied factions. This then allows you to cook meals at La Cantina, if you have the right animal meat for it. You can further upgrade La Cantina to unlock even more recipes, but for the purpose of this trophy you can cook the same meal 15 times. It doesn’t need to be 15 different meals. At La Cantina it will show you what type of animal meat is required for each meal. It’s best to kill the animals with bow/arrows to not damage the meat (or fully upgrade the Hunting Lodge at one of your camps which allows you to use bullets without damaging the meat).

That’s My Jam

Find 15 USB Sticks

Find 15 USB Sticks.

That’s Puzzling

Unlock 15 Criptograma Chests

Unlock 15 Criptograma Chests

Car Cry

Collect all 4 Rides

Collect all 4 Rides.


Find all Roosters

Find all Roosters.

Loyal Army

Recruit 5 Amigos

Recruit 5 Amigos.


Pet Guapo

Guapo is the crocodile that you unlock during Main Quest “Juan of a Kind” as your Amigo (companion). This happens automatically very early in the story, can’t miss it. He can then be called to aid you in combat. Simply walk up to Guapo and hold  to pet him.

Strutting His Stuff

Equip Chicharrón with the Motherclucker Outfit

Chicharrón is one of the five Amigos (teammates). He’s unlocked by playing the Yaran Stories Man’s Best Enemy > Pecking Orders > Wingman. The starting point of this questline is in El Este.

After unlocking him, go to Menu > Amigos > Chicharrón > :triangle: Details > click the eye icon in bottom left select Motherclucker outfit.

Secret Weapon

Distract 10 soldiers with Chorizo

Chorizo is one of the recruitable Amigos (teammates). He’s the little dog in a wheelchair. You recruit him by doing the Yaran Stories (Purple Icons on map) Who’s a Good Boy? > Fetch Quest in Madrugada, Montero Farm.

After this you can summon him from the Amigo Menu by holding on his icon. Then press  while aiming at an enemy to make Chorizo distract them. You can do this to the same enemy 10 times in a row, doesn’t need to be different enemies. It’s important that you wait until Chorizo is done distracting the enemy. Then it will show a popup on the left side that says how many times out of 10 you did this for the Bloodhound Perk. You can keep track of your progress via the Bloodhound Perk under Menu > Amigos > Chorizo (  ) > Bloodhound.

Heated Conflict

Take out 10 soldiers with active Heat

First you must shoot some enemy soldiers to reach Heat Level 2. Your Heat Level is displayed by the two bars next to your HUD in the bottom left corner. When both bars are full they will turn red and you’ll start being hunted by special forces. Now kill 10 soldiers while at Heat Level 2 and you’ll get this trophy. This is easily done at enemy bases, odds are you’ll get it naturally during the story without even trying.

Jawson Brody

Take out a shark with an explosion

The easiest option is to kill a Shark with the Rocket Launcher. It’s bought from the Guerrilla Garrison (Upgrade Level 2). This is one of the buildable camp facilities. After you’ve upgraded the Guerrilla Garrison to Level 2 the Rocket Launcher can be bought for 550 Pesos.

Now take a boat and drive to a shark hunting spot, stand on the boat and shoot a shark with rocket launcher. It’s okay if your boat explodes from this, you’ll still get the trophy if the shark died. You can jump in the water to attract the nearby sharks to your location, then get back on the boat. A shark hunting spot is found at the west coast of El Este Region.


Catch 10 fish

For this you can catch the same type of fish 10 times. They don’t need to be different species of fish.


The fishing rod is unlocked automatically after Main Operation “Fuel the Revolution” (Isla Santuario). To cast your line, select the Fishing Rod from the weapon wheel (hold  and select it from the bottom left). You can go fishing wherever there is water, no need to go to specific fishing spots.

Hold  to cast the Line, then keep holding down to reel it in until a fish bites. Don’t tap repeatedly, just hold down the button completely, this will attract fish. When a fish bites press  to hook it.

Hold down to reel in the hooked fish. If the line gets red, it’s about to snap and you should let go off for a moment so it turns green again. In the middle of the screen you’ll see a prompt in which direction to press the right stick    , depending on the fish’s movement. Press the directions as shown while continuing to reel in the fish. Repeat for 10 fish.

Outdated Tech

Take out a soldier by sabotaging an alarm

First you must upgrade the camp facility ‘Bandidos Barracks” to Level 3. Then from the Bandidos Barracks you can buy the Wrist Gear “Techmaster Band”. It has the skill “Security Expert” which enables you to sabotage alarms by holding :triangle: . Make sure you equip this Wrist Gear.

Now go to any FND Base or Checkpoint, which always have alarm boxes. Walk up to an alarm and hold :triangle: to sabotage it. Now get spotted by a nearby enemy and wait for them to use the alarm. The enemy will die from an explosion when using the sabotaged alarm.

Oh No You Don’t!

Take out 3 Insurgent Leaders

Insurgency Challenges only become available after finishing the main story.

When pressing Touchpad, you will then see a new tab called “Insurgency”. These are weekly challenges, with one Insurgent Leader per week. You need to destroy some military targets in the insurgent zones that have white map icons, and finish one specific Special Operation. The Insurgency Challenges also trigger offline, but the required Special Operations is only playable online, so this makes it technically an online trophy. You can still play Special Operations solo by yourself, just need to be connected to the internet to start them via the quest board in your camps.

Luckily, there’s an exploit to do 3 Insurgent Leaders in a row without waiting 3 weeks real time.

Insurgent Leaders Exploit (works for both PS4 & PS5):

  1. Finish the first Insurgent Leader normally (complete the 4 requirements as shown in the Insurgency Menu – usually a particular FND Base, Anti-Air Cannons, Checkpoint, Spec Ops Mission). Then the leader spawns and can be tracked via the Insurgency Menu.
  2. After killing the first Insurgency Leader: Pause Menu > System > Quit to Main Menu (this is to make sure it saves your game).
  3. Close the game application > PS5 Settings > Network > Settings > Connect to the Internet > Uncheck (this makes you go offline)
  4. PS5 Settings > System > Date and Time > Set Date and Time > Set Manually > Put date 12 weeks in the future from the current date > OK. Use a calendar to determine what date will be in 12 weeks from now. The reason you want to pick 12 weeks is because it takes exactly 12 weeks to cycle the Insurgency Challenges through the same region again, so you’ll know where to go already. It picks a different region each week, in 12 weeks it will be the same region again.
  5. Enter the game again (Note: it’s recommended to check in Insurgency Menu which Spec Ops mission it wants you to play. At the time of the game’s launch October 07, 2021 not all Insurgency Missions are available yet. If it wants you to do one that isn’t in the game yet you need to fast forward another 12 weeks until you get one that’s playable. In the future after all Spec Ops missions are released this won’t matter anymore).
  6. Go back online (PS5 Settings > Network > Settings > Connect to the Internet > Check)
  7. Repeat the Insurgency Challenges again and kill the Insurgent Leader at the end.
  8. Repeat Steps 2-7 once more to spawn the third Insurgent Leader.

Not So Special

Take out 10 Special Forces soldiers

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Over the course of the story, you will rank up the different regions in the game, which makes stronger enemies spawn. You will automatically encounter “Special Forces soldiers” as part of Main Quests and have to kill them to get through the story, hence you will get this trophy naturally over time. You can also get them to hunt you by reaching Heat Level 2. They are more heavily armored than normal enemies, usually wearing big face shields, and sometimes carrying rocket launchers or flamethrowers.