Sony is experimenting with a new 'Game Trials' option on PlayStation 5.

This basically means that players can try out a PS5 game for free before potentially purchasing the game. So, in fact, it’s about demos, but instead of a specific area, you can try the entire game for a certain period of time. That time expires as soon as the download of the trial is turned on, and not as soon as you start playing. The download of the game is therefore part of the maximum playing time.

For now, Game Trials are only available in the UK and include Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. The latter game has a maximum time of six hours, and Sackboy a maximum time of five hours.

All progress made and Trophies from the Trails versions will be carried over to the final game if one decides to purchase the game. Apparently the Trials disappear again on October 28th. It is not known whether they will also be available in the Netherlands.