The new update for Valheim called Hearth and Home is now available.

The update modifies many elements of the game, adds new items and options and also includes new gameplay elements that fans have been asking for for quite some time. There are more options to make your own longhouse – one of the main goals in the game – and there are new recipes for cooking.

For example, Darkwood and stone building pieces are now available. Think of a new Darkwood roof, all kinds of decorations and a stone throne. Players can now also give unique names to tamed Lox. Players can also share their map with other players, find new tree types and prepare dishes using a butcher’s table and a variety of pots and pans.

A new crystal axe, bone shield and silver blade have also been added. A complete list of all changes and additions can be found on the Steam page.

The survival game Valheim launched on Steam in February and can be played alone or with two to ten players. The game takes place in a massive, procedurally generated world. One can work together as Vikings to defeat the computer controlled enemies and survive in the tenth Norse world.