The creative director of cult hit Spec Ops: The Line and the guitarist of industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails have started a studio together and are working on a game.

The studio of Spec Ops: The Line director Cory Davis and guitarist Robin Finck is called Eyes Out. Located in Los Angeles, the studio is made up of “passionate world creators and storytellers who believe in the powerful synesthesia that comes from combining music, narrative and interactive experiences”.

The studio is already working on its first game, a “cosmic horror game with strong environmental storytelling” aimed at a single player experience. There are no more details yet.

In addition to working on Spec Ops: The Line, Davis has also worked on Condemned 2: Bloodshot and F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point. He also directed the PSVR horror game Here They Lie. Finck has also previously made music for the thriller Observation and the horror shooter NOCT. The duo met during the development of Here They Lie.