Amazon has again postponed their upcoming mmo New World, this time to September 28.

The game should have been released last year, then it was postponed to the spring of this year and then to August 31. So now the release date is September 28th. The postponement has been chosen because the recent beta has generated a lot of feedback. The developer wants to use that feedback to make final improvements to the game.

However, the beta was a success, at one point there were more than 200,000 simultaneous players on Steam. There were reports of broken video cards, in particular the GeForce RTX 3090, due to unlocked frame rates. In response, Amazon Games released a patch that locked the number of framerates per second. Still, the publisher claimed it wasn’t a widespread problem.

New World is a sandbox mmo set in a fictional seventeenth century American colony. Uniquely, the setting is inspired by what it really was like in North America at the time, but many of the legends and myths of that era are real in the game. Players can build their own civilization alone, but also together.