Black Panther - War for Wakanda, the new expansion for Marvel's Avengers, will be available on August 17.

That was announced last night. The expansion has been planned for quite some time, but now the official release date has been announced.

War for Wakanda not only features the superhero Black Panther, but also the kingdom of Wakanda that players can travel to, including new missions. In this way the city, jungle and desert are explored. There are also two new villains in the game, as well as new enemies.

Those interested can watch a new War Table livestream on Crystal dynamic’s Twitch channel on Monday, August 16, where more information about the expansion will be provided. Also, from now through August 1, the game can be played for free on PlayStation consoles, PC, and Google Stadia. On Xbox, the free period will come at a later date. Progression made can be carried over to the paid version of the game.