Actor Christopher Judge, who voiced Kratos in 2018's God of War, will also voice Black Panther in the upcoming Marvel's Avengers expansion.

The actor, best known for his role in the Stargate series, will play King T’Challa in the upcoming DLC Black Panther: War for Wakanda. Initially, Judge was not interested in the role, saying that “nobody should ever play T’Challa again” after the death of Chadwick Boseman, who played the part in the film.

However, according to Judge, the talks continued. “I ended up doing it because my mom and my kids basically said if I didn’t do it, they’d reject me.”

The expansion will be released in August, an exact date is not yet known. War for Wakanda not only features the superhero Black Panther, but also the kingdom of Wakanda that players can travel to, including new missions. In this way the city, jungle and desert are explored.