Developer Naughty Dog is looking for employees through job openings for an upcoming standalone multiplayer project.

Most likely this refers to the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us: Part 2 shrouded in mystery. That mode will be stand-alone and has been announced for some time, but details or images are missing for the time being.

The developer’s website lists several job openings for those experienced in multiplayer games, including a position for someone who can design the environments of levels in multiplayer games.

Naughty Dog describes the multiplayer project as follows: “Help Naughty Dog on its latest adventure – the studio’s first standalone multiplayer game! We want to bring the same level of ambition and quality of our signature story-driven games to this unique multiplayer project.”

The first The Last of Us game did have a multiplayer mode called Factions. It seems the Sony developer has bigger plans for the sequel’s standalone multiplayer.