A canceled sequel to Fallout 2 codenamed Van Buren is mod playable in Fallout: New Vegas.

Black Isle Studios was working on a sequel to Fallout 2 set in 2252. The game was set to take place in the Midwestern United States Commenwealth, spanning four states. Players would play an escaped convict who is being chased by robots.

The game was canceled in 2003. Since then, various stories about the game have appeared online, giving Van Buren a sort of mythical status among fans. Certain elements from the game have been incorporated into Fallout: New Vegas.

The group of modders try to recreate Van Buren as best they can in a New Vegas mod called Revelation Blues. “We remain as faithful as possible to the Van Buren story. In the future we want to add many more new features, the project is still a work in progress.”

After the mod was available to download via Nexus Mods for the past few days, the mod team has set the mod to hidden. They are currently working on a demo.