Apex Legends will receive a lot of content based on Titanfall in the ninth season.

That’s what senior writer Ashley Reed reported during a recent panel. “Season 9 will see a lot of Titanfall content appearing in the game in a variety of ways.” Director Chad Grenier also reported something similar during this panel: “I have said it before: if you are a Titanfall fan, then especially wait for season 9.”

Respawn, however, said it has no plans to actually implement controllable Titans from the Titanfall franchise in Apex Legends. A recent leak did show Titans that can be summoned by players, but are not directly controllable.

Both games share the same fictional universe and Apex Legends has taken over more elements from Titanfall, including characters. While Apex Legends was still in development, Respawn Entertainment already tried to add Titans to the game, but it didn’t seem to benefit gameplay.