Bethesda will continue to support the mmo Fallout 76 this year, the company has released a global schedule for new content.

The flow of new content is due to start on April 27 with the Locked and Loaded update. This update adds ‘Special’ loadouts, more C.A.M.P. slots and aim assist on consoles, as well as an expansion to the daily ops.

Steel Reign will be released in the summer, concluding the Brotherhood of Steel mission line. Legendary crafting is also being expanded and there are unlimited seasonal rankings.

In the fall, an “evolution of private worlds” is to be set in motion – although nothing is known about it yet – and ops are being expanded even more daily. Finally, this winter, ‘Tales from the Stars’ will be released, featuring a new seasonal event revolving around cult, four-star legendary gear and the ability to bring pets into C.A.M.P.S. to keep.

In this in-depth blog post, Bethesda talks about the content planned for Fallout 76 this year. The company is also holding a Reddit AMA on the game’s subreddit sometime today.