A leaked Elden Ring trailer is circulating in chat groups. That confirms Video Games Chronicle.

The footage, which doesn’t seem to be the full trailer, shows gameplay footage of the upcoming soulslike. For example, a ‘fire-breathing dragon, a great enemy with a sword and fighting on horseback in a large open environment’ are shown. A release date has not yet been announced.

According to VGC sources, the game has been postponed several times internally due to the pandemic. As a result, the game would probably no longer be released this year.

The leaked trailer indicates that an announcement surrounding Elden Ring is imminent. Several journalists recently announced that FromSoftware will probably share more about the game this month. Yesterday, Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing at Xbox, announced that Microsoft is not making the disclosure.

Elden Ring was announced at E3 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.