From february 2, PlayStation owners will be able to view their 2020 stats. Sony announced this this afternoon.

On the PlayStation Wrap-Up website, players can log in with their PSN account and view various statistics. The website shows the most played games, how much time was spent online and offline and how many trophies were won.

Sony indicates that the website is aimed at PlayStation 4 owners, but that some PlayStation 5 figures are also shown. However, there are some restrictions: in Europe, players must have given Sony access to collect ‘additional data’ and PSN account holders must be eighteen years or older.

In between the statistics, Sony announces that the most played PlayStation Now games are Spider-Man, Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn respectively. The Last of Us: Part 2 has also been played for a total of 200 million hours.

Finally, players can claim a special PS4 theme from PlayStation Store.