Blizzconline, the online version of the annual Blizzcon event, is completely free to watch next year.

Blizzcon is held physically every year and features all kinds of new announcements, videos and interviews about popular and upcoming Blizzard games. It was previously known that Blizzcon did not physically continue early next year due to the corona virus. Instead, the event will be held entirely online under the name Blizzconline.

Now it is clear that people don’t have to pay any money to watch the live stream. “We don’t have a physical show next year, but we’re really looking forward to Blizzconline,” said director J. Allen Brack in a new video. “We want to make it a big virtual celebration, so it’s free to watch and participate.” Via an email to PC Gamer, the company confirms once again that the live stream will be free.

This is striking, because previous Blizzcon events could also be attended virtually, but only by purchasing a virtual ticket. So it looks like Blizzard will drop that next year, unless the company puts tickets on sale with various privileges. However, nothing is known about this yet.

Blizzconline will be held on February 19 and 20 next year.