The PlayStation app has received a major update. The redesigned app should provide a better experience for users with both the PlayStation 4 and the upcoming PlayStation 5.

The new PS App is available for iOS (12.2 or newer) and Android (6.0 or newer) and includes a number of new features. Of course, the user interface has also been refreshed. On the main screen you can immediately see what your friends are playing and you can get more information about games you have recently started.

Sending messages used to be via the separate PS Messages app, but that functionality is now included in the app. You can also create parties in the app and talk to up to 15 friends via voice chat on your phone.

Furthermore, the PlayStation Store will receive an update in the app. The digital store is now native to the app and users can download purchased games directly to their console.

New functions have also been added for the PlayStation 5, which will be released in the Netherlands on November 19. Users can start games on the PS5 and manage the storage of their console via the app, among other things.