Trophies may earn rewards on PlayStation 5. GamesRadar noticed the new feature in the video about the UI that Sony released last week.

The video briefly shows two trophies for the game Destruction All-Stars. The Wreckognised Gold Trophy will earn a profile avatar, according to the UI, while the Bronze Rookie trophy will earn players a profile banner.

The ability to earn these customization items for trophies isn’t entirely new, though. You can earn themes and avatars in Persona 5 Royal and Bloodborne, among others. Previously, however, players always received an email from Sony when they unlocked a digital reward. With this new feature, the reward system seems to be getting a lot more streamlined.

The feature was not discussed in the video and it can of course still be adjusted or removed before the PlayStation 5 hits the shelves. It is also not clear whether this only applies to Sony’s own games, or whether more games can use the option.