Developer Obsidian Entertainment is said to be planning a new game in The Outer Worlds franchise.

Claimed by insider Daniel Ahmad, who generally comes out with correct information about games. According to Ahmad, a new installment in the series is currently in pre-production. He does mention that this can still change. Obsidian itself hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

Obsidian is now part of Microsoft. Earlier this year, it released the multiplayer game Grounded, which quickly gained popularity especially through Game Pass. It was also announced this year that the company is working on the western rpg Avowed for Xbox Series X and PC.

Fans further hope that Obsidian will work on a new Fallout game in the future. Bethesda was bought by Microsoft earlier this year, putting both the Fallout franchise and Obsidian in the hands of the company. Obsidian has developed the acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas in the past.