The fan of the PlayStation 5 is said to be very quiet compared to the fan in the PlayStation 4.

Japanese publications have gone hands-on with the PlayStation 5, and 4Gamer reports after the hands-on that the upcoming console’s fan makes very little noise. This is striking, as the fan in the PlayStation 4 is known for its clearly audible sound.

4Gamer reports that the console remains silent even when playing graphically demanding games like Godfall. The PlayStation 5 was tested by the release in a room that was at room temperature. During game play, the air coming out of the console was not noticeably warm. “We could barely hear the rotating fan noise.”

“I noticed that the sound the console made while it was on is very quiet,” they continue at 4Gamer. “I quickly forget because I focus on gameplay, but the console didn’t make a roaring noise when I got close to it. The PS4 fan is much more noticeable when the console has to work hard – the one in the PlayStation 5 is much less noticeable. “

The PlayStation 5 will be available on November 19th