To play Godfall, gamers must always be online.

This is evident from the official page of the PlayStation 5 version of the game. There must always be an online connection, even if people play alone. That means a PlayStation Plus subscription is also required to play Godfall.

Godfall has drop-in / drop-out cooperative gameplay that runs throughout the campaign. That way, players can ask for help from others. However, even if you plan to play the game on your own, an online connection and thus PlayStation Plus is required.

Godfall was revealed at The Game Awards late last year. The new game from Gearbox is described as a combination between a slasher and a looter. The third-person fantasy game focuses on melee combat and was developed by Counterplay Games. Players can unlock legendary weapons and armor and play with up to four people.

Godfall will be released on the Epic Games Store on November 12 and on PlayStation 5 a week later, along with the launch of the console.