Rocket League can be played for free from September 23rd, next Wednesday.

Psyonix has announced this. This summer, the company already announced that it was going to make its popular game free-to-play, but now the start date has been announced. It applies to consoles as well as PC.

An update for Rocket League is already coming out today, adding Legacy items, cross-platform progression and other minor updates and changes.

People who bought Rocket League before the game goes free-to-play will receive some extras. They will receive Legacy status, receive all DLC ever released, more than 200 regular items that will then receive Legacy status, the Golden Cosmos boost, the Huntress Player banner and the Dieci-Oro wheels. People who already played the game before yesterday’s free-to-play announcement will receive the Faded Cosmos boost.

The Epic Games Store version will also be released on September 23, at that time the game will disappear from Steam. People who already have the game on Steam can continue to play.