The fourth season of Fortnite is coming and Marvel hero Thor appears to be a major part of it.

A short clip with the Fortnite logo featuring Thor was posted in Fortnite’s official Twitter account. The date mentioned is August 27, or next Thursday. On that day Fornite: Chapter 2, Season 4 also begins.

Of course, every season contains a Battle Pass with exclusive skins. Thor may be part of that. Superheroes aren’t new to Fortnite: DC Comics villains like Joker and Poison Ivy were announced last week, and characters like Thanos, Deadpool and Iron Man have already appeared in the game.

Tomorrow, Fortnite will also host a one-day championship called the #FreeFortnite Cup, a tournament that pokes fun at Apple. Fortnite developer Epic Games and Apple are at odds with each other after Apple took the game from iOS, because Epic wanted to let players pay outside of Apple.