Batgirl may have a role in the upcoming game from Warners Bros. Montreal. This is discovered in a datamine from a Reddit user.

For the past few days, Warner Bros. gradually hints to the next game via codes on a special website. On Reddit, user Chase-u claims to have found all the codes (761941364995) linking to Batgirl’s debut comic on Google.

Barbara Gordon has appeared in the Batman Arkham games before, including as Batgirl in a prequel DLC to Batman: Arkham Knight. She also plays a role as Oracle in Arkham Knight, in which the paralyzed person is in a wheelchair. The upcoming Batman game may therefore be a precursor to the parts of Rocksteady Games, although there are several characters who took the role of Batgirl in the DC comics.

Warner Bros. Montreal will reveal the game in full on Saturday, August 22 at 7:30 PM during DC Fandome. Presumably it concerns Batman: Gotham Knights. Rocksteady also shows Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on Sunday morning at 02:00.