Ghost of Tsushima will be releasing a free update this fall that adds a cooperative multiplayer experience to the game.

Called Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, this experience is a new mode where players take on linear missions together with friends. The multiplayer mode does not take place in the open world of the main game. In these missions, players choose from four different classes, Samurai, Hunter, Ronin and Assassin, with each player having their own unique skills.

The narrative co-op missions feature different types of enemies based on Japanese myths. Where the main game focuses mainly on history, there are supernatural situations and enemies in Legends. The mode also includes a Survival mode, which is basically a horde mode and lets players fight against persistent waves of enemies.

Players who complete all missions in Legends and Survival will gain access to a Raid. However, this Raid will not be available at launch. There aren’t any more details about this.

The free Ghost of Tsushima: Legends update should be available to all owners of the PS4 game sometime this fall.