Sexretly, we hope you can use the trusty old DualShock 4 on the PS5, But unfortunately that's not the case. The PS4 controller only works with  backwards compatible PS4 games.

The Dualshock 4 controller only works with backwards compatible PS4 games on the PS5. That’s what Sony says in a Q&A on PlayStation Blog.

That means that the PlayStation 4 controller will not work with PlayStation 5 games, as “PS5 games must utilize the new capabilities of the DualSense controller.” This means the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that should provide more immersion. Third party controllers also only work with PS4 games.

Sony also shares that the PlayStation Camera works on the PlayStation 5 for VR games. This requires a special adapter, which all PS VR users can obtain for free. Later, the company will let us know how the adapter will be distributed. Associated Move controllers are also supported.

The company will let us know what other accessories work on the PlayStation 5. Peripherals such as official racing wheels, arcade sticks and flight sticks work with PS5 and PS4 games. Sony’s own Platinum and Gold headsets and third-party headsets also work with a USB or 3.5mm connection on the PS5.

Finally, Sony mentions that not all accessories may be supported. The company therefore recommends consulting the manufacturer for each product if needed.

The PlayStation 5 will be released this fall. A price and release date are not yet known.