The PlayStation 5 may include an Activities option that allows players to launch certain aspects of a game directly from the menu. As stated in a preview of WRC 9 on Gamereactor.

The currently removed preview briefly mentions Activities and claims that it is a ‘direct link to specific races from the console’s menu’. System architect Mark Cerny previously told Wired about such options. “Although it is relatively fast to start games, we don’t want players to start the game, check the game, start the game, etc. Game servers provide the console with available activities in real time.

For example, single player games provide information about missions you can do and what rewards you may get – and all those choices are visible in the interface. As a player you can dive straight into the game. ”

Apart from the possibilities in WRC 9, nothing is yet known about Activities. According to rumors, Sony will hold a second PlayStation 5 presentation in August, where more about the feature may be revealed.