Two new Lego sets of Lego Super Mario have been announced. The sets were released in a short Nintendo trailer.

The Lego Super Mario collection was announced last month by Nintendo and Lego. Now the release date has been announced for the starter set, which comes out August 1. This is done through a trailer where Jonathan Bennink, the head of Lego Lab who shows the set in detail. There were two more surprises in the trailer. Two new Lego Super Mario additions have also been announced in the video.

These are the Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set and the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set. In the first set, Mario has to survive between two Piranha Plants and at Bowser’s castle he has to fight against King Koopa. It is not yet known when these sets will be released.

Finally, there is more information in the trailer about the starter set of Lego Super Mario. In the video, Bennink explains that the Mario doll is equipped with LCD screens and a speaker, which let him give reactions and make sounds. The starter set can now be reserved via the official Lego website and other selected retailers for 60 euros.