The Wastelanders expansion for Fallout 76 has been postponed for a week, is set to release  on April 14.

The update was already postponed from last year to this year. Bethesda says the cause is now the coronavirus, which is slowing development of the update.

Wastelanders is set a year into the future, bringing new characters to Fallout 76 that are woven into the story missions. Like previous Fallout titles, players get more advanced dialogue options, players can build romantic relationships and a reputation system is in place. Players will therefore have to choose a side between the raiders and settlers.

NPCs are located in enclosed environments in the game, allowing Bethesda to tailor the experience to choices made previously without affecting the experience of other players. Some existing characters also have been rewritten to interact with in a new way and dialogue options.

The Wastelanders update also brings some new weapons and a visual upgrade. In particular, light and reflections should look more realistic. Furthermore, the dialogue system contains fully written out answers, instead of the simplified options from Fallout 4.