The Switch games Pokémon Sword and Shield get two expansions, The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

Both expansions are part of an Expansion Pass that can be purchased via the eShop for 29.99 euros. Instead of developing new Pokémon games that take place in the same region as previous titles, developer Game Freak wants to offer current players new adventures this way.

The Isle of Armor appears at the end of June and has ‘growth’ as ​​its theme. This huge island on the coast of Galar is full of unspoilt nature, beaches and swamps. There is a dojo where players are taught by mentor Mustard, who previously taught the champion Leon. The new legendary Pokémon is Kubfu, a fighting type that can evolve to Urshifu. In addition, the expansion includes new tutor moves, items of clothing and skins for the bike.

Second expansion The Crown Tundra is all about ‘exploring’ and will be released this fall. Players become the leader of a discovery team in this snowy area, and can find the legendary pokémon Calyrex, a psychic / grass type. In addition, the expansion includes a new co-op mode where players and friends can explore underground Pokémon Dens, where old, legendary Pokémon can be found that Dynamaxes. New items of clothing and hair styles can be found in the extension.

The Expansion Pass must be purchased separately for Pokémon Sword and Shield; one Expansion Pass does not work in both games. Just like in the main game, you will encounter other Pokémon and characters in the Expansion Pass for Sword and Shield. Both new areas are, according to Game Freak, comparable in freedom to the Wild Area in the main game. In total there are two hundred pokémon in the extensions that are not in the main game.

The Expansion Pass will appear on the Switch eShop later today and can then be purchased. Around the release of the DLC’s there will also be free updates for Sword and Shield that will make it possible for people who do not buy the extensions to catch the new pokémon.

Finally, Nintendo announced that Pokémon Home, which can be used to transfer Pokémon to Sword and Shield, will launch for Switch sometime in February.