Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 logo during its presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show last night.

The PS5 logo, which can be seen below on both a black and white background, has the same design as the PS4 logo.

The various possibilities of the PlayStation 5 were also confirmed during the presentation. There is 3D sound, there are haptic triggers on the controller, the system contains an ultra-high speed solid state drive, there is ray tracing and there is support for ultra high-definition blu-rays.

“PlayStation 5 will inspire developers to create expanded worlds with new gameplay experiences that are more immersive than ever in how they look, how they sound and how they feel,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan.

It is not known when Sony will announce more details about the PlayStation 5. For example, games for the console still have to be revealed, as well as the design of the device. PlayStation 5 should be available in stores at the end of this year.