343 Industries has shared new concept art from Halo infinite. These images are published in a blog post from the developer, called Happy Halodays.

Halo Infinite is considered a launch game for the Xbox Series X and will be released around Christmas 2020, this was revealed during the 2018 E3. The released concept art gives players a glimpse into the world of Halo Infinite and thus the future of the franchise.

The first image shows Master Chief, who is en route to the hologram known from the E3 trailer. In the trailer a voice comes from the hologram that Master Chief appoints as the chosen one.

The blog post of 343 Industries is closed with an afterword by Bonnie Ross, studio head of the developer.

“We want to thank our community for all the support and commitment this year. Your passion, energy and feedback help realize how important the franchise and the Halo universe is for us. It gives us extra power in everything we do”, said Ross.
Earlier, 343 Industries head Kiki Wolfkill said that Halo Infinite is seen as the beginning of the next generation of Halo games. In addition, it became clear that the infrastructure of the game is being redesigned to offer developers more freedom.