The Division 2 gets a winter update that adds snowballs and Christmas hats to the lootshooter.

Things can get tough in The Division 2, but Christmas will be celebrated in Washington D.C. Ubisoft has announced that there’s a winter update on the way for the game. In addition, a new weapon is introduced called The Sleigher, which is more or less a grenade launcher. However, this gun does not use grenades but snowballs.

A new, extremely difficult game mode is added to the apocalyptic game called Permadeath. This mode is intended for seasoned Division 2 players, the fact is that when players die in this mode, they immediately lose all shoots and progression and can start again. In addition, players cannot use the Stash in Permadeath mode.

Everyone who plays the new mode is placed in the same server. This way it is as fair as possible and players are more likely to survive. Players who manage to reach level 2 are rewarded with a special YOLO hat. However, the developer indicates that mode is not yet perfect and that it’s still being worked on.

“A lot still needs to be done, but the developers are convinced that the mode adds something to the game, which is why we are already releasing the beta version. Not everything that the developers had in mind was already incorporated in the beta, moreover there are more plans that have not yet been added, “reports the team of The Division 2.

The update can be downloaded from December 10, click here for all details.