Andrew 'GiantWaffle' Bodine has set a new world record. The well-known internet personality has streamed 572 hours in one month.

The objective was to stream more than 569 hours over a 30-day period. How he completes this is entirely up to him. Bodine has chosen to stream roughly nineteen hours every day. This means that he has only slept five hours a day for a month.

In total, Bodine filmed himself for 572 hours while he was playing games. He played Red Dead Redemption 2, Luigi Mansion 3, Escape From Tarkov, Rocket League, Factorio and Rainbow Six Siege. He has also played Death Stranding in less than 30 hours. Bodine has not just managed to set this world record, the well-known streamer has had to practice for months with little sleep.

Many people wonder why someone wants to set such a record, according to GiantWaffle this is a matter of brand awareness and numbers.

“It has been 100% worth in my opinion. The viewers have gone through the roof. Currently my statistics are four to ten times better than before. This applies to viewers, time, unique visitors and subscribers.┬áThe streamer is aware of the health risks he has taken. But at the same time he says that many people endanger their lives when they try to break a world record.