Naughty Dog has shown new concept art from The Last of Us 2 in a tweet.

The message from Naughty Dog gives fans a taste of The Last of Us 2. The developer has posted a message on Twitter containing a number of examples of beautiful concept art that are now for sale.

The concept art is published in the form of gallery art. According to connoisseurs, this art is of high quality and, moreover, is not out of place in a home. The prints are developed in collaboration with Cook and Becker and can only be purchased for a limited time. The price of the artworks vary from 121 to 441 euros, depending on the frame of the print.

All four pieces represent Ellie, each in a different environment and situation. When enthusiasts order a work of art, they receive a certificate of authenticity and a handwritten number marking.

Prints can be ordered via the website of Cook and Becker.