Since the announcement of Diablo IV, information continues to flow in. For example, many people stumble over the possible micro transactions. One of the main developers has since confirmed that there are indeed micro transactions in the game.

Joe Shely, lead developer of Diablo 4, confirmed during a Twitch interview that there are cosmetic micro transactions in the new Diablo game. The main goal of the in-game store is to offer players “Options that would otherwise not be present,” said Shely.

Shely further emphasizes that it is absolutely impossible to make yourself stronger with the help of micro transactions, it’s therefore purely for cosmetic purposes. It is not yet clear what the shop will offer.

In an interview Blizzard developers Zaven Haroutunian and Sean Murphy said that Diablo IV will receive several expansion packages after publication. The developer therefore intends to support the game for a long time.

“We are going to release the basic game first,” said the duo. “Then we have plans for several expansions.” It is not yet known what is being dealt with in those extensions.

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