Pokémon Sword and Shield will appear for the Switch on Friday and in the run-up to the launch, Pokémon's Japanese YouTube channel has unveiled a final trailer.

The video starts with a trainer who enters a stadium to have an important fight there. Furthermore, there are a number of gameplay images that show pokémon fights, cooking parties and a lot of different poké friends.

Something that is striking in the trailer is that trainers have very large pokéballs in addition to normal pokéballs. These balls naturally have to do with Gigantamaxing. In the short video, for example, we see a very large Charizard appearing from such a ball, and that is quite impressive.

The video also shows how players can tear through different areas on their bikes. It seems that players can also do a bike race, because in the trailer we see that balloons have to be raced.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release for Nintendo Switch  November 15, 2019.