Hitman 2 will receive a Halloween event called the Escalation Contract and it will start this week

Developer IO Interactive has not yet announced what the event actually entails. However, a new trailer has been unveiled today and the short video shows the theme of the update: classic horror movies.

In the trailer we see Agent 47 with a frightening carved pumpkin on his head  and he is out for revenge. Not allot is revealed in the video, but it’s clear that the Hitman has again pulled out a number of separate costumes. In addition, we see that he drags his victims to a sort of altar, but what his plans are is still unclear.

The Hitman Halloween event is open to everyone with the free Hitman 2 starter pack. This means that players can even participate in the event when they don’t have the full game. Moreover, the game mode remains playable even after Halloween.