Gearbox has unveiled the first dlc set from Borderlands 3. These DLCs can be obtained before the Bloody Harvest Halloween event.

The popular lootshooter is celebrating Halloween at the end of this month with a special spooky event. But before this event starts, players can already purchase a number of paid cosmetic enhancements for their Vault Hunters.

Each package will cost around three euros. A large part of the content was already available for Borderlands 3 players with the Deluxe version. The packages can be purchased in the Microsoft Store, PSN Store and the Epic Games Store. There are five different packages for sale; the Toy Box Weapon package, the Gearbox Costemetic package, the Retro Cosmetic package, the Gold Weapons package and finally the Neon Cosmetic package.

Gearbox has previously announced that many more Borderlands 3 expansions will appear in the future. For example, the publisher indicated that the Borderlands 3 story is still being expanded and that the game is being carefully monitored for errors and improvements.