Stranger Things is coming to Rocket League in the upcoming Halloween event Haunted Hallows, the event starts on October 14.

Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced through a blog post and trailer that the Halloween event this year revolves around the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Rocket League is also not the first game to have a Stranger Things-related component, Dead by Daylight preceded them.

“This Halloween will lead all roads to Farmstead (The Upside Down). This frightening version of the once cheerful Farmstead Arena is being watched by the maddening Mind Flayer, so take good care of your teammates, ”says Psyonix.

The Farmstead arena is completely transformed into the Upside Down, with a red sky, the deteriorated farm and the Mind Flayer ominously in the background. There are also a number of new items that can be unlocked, all in the Stranger Things theme. This may include new skins for the cars, of which a number (perhaps these are all of them) can already be seen in the trailer.