Sony confirms that their next console will be named PlayStation 5. It's also announced that the release is scheduled for the end of 2020 and details about the new controller have been shared.

Although the name PlayStation 5 sounds logical, this was not yet confirmed by Sony. For this, the company referred to their new console as “the next generation of PlayStation.” The PlayStation 5 will be released at the end of 2020, although it is not yet confirmed whether this is worldwide. However, given that the message was posted on both the Japanese, American and European versions of the PlayStation Blog, this is plausible.

Sony also shares some details about the PS5 controller. For example, the vibration function is improved by means of Haptic Feedback, so that players can, for example, feel the difference between hitting a wall with a car in a racing game and a tackle during a football game. Another example mentioned is that players can feel the sensation of running through grass.

Another innovation is being implemented in the triggers. The L2 and R2 buttons become ‘adaptive triggers’. Gamemakers have early versions of the PS5 controller and can adjust the resilience of the triggers so that players can experience the tactile feeling of shooting a bow and arrow, for example.

Website Wired has also posted an article in which a number of details are also shared. For example, Ray Tracing is supported by hardware, the PS5 contains USB-C connections and the speed of starting, loading and streaming games is improved by the built-in SSD. Wired also reports that the devkit on which they played a test version of Gran Turismo Sport is very similar to the images that appeared recently. Sony made no statements as to whether this will also be the final form of the PS5 itself.

Further information about a price or games for the console has not yet been communicated.