The Mario Kart Tour mobile game has been downloaded 90.1 million times in one week. Although nothing is yet known about the revenues

It’s therefore the most successful Nintendo game for smartphones ever. The mobile Nintendo games with the second most successful first week is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with 14.3 million downloads. Pok√©mon Go was installed 38.5 million times in the first week, but is only part of Nintendo itself.

Mario Kart Tour can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android. Nintendo only earns money when players make purchases in the app, and nothing is known about it yet. For example, players can purchase a Gold Pass of 5.49 euros per month.

The karts in Mario Kart Tour drive automatically and can then be controlled by swiping in one direction on the screen. All playable characters in the game have their own special item, which can be used during the race.

In myreview I describe Mario Kart Tour as a pretty shameless gacha game that uses the goodwill of the last 25 years Mario Kart to knock your wallet empty. Read the full review here.