The Last of Us 2 appears on February 21, 2020, Naughty Dog announced during State of Play. A new trailer has also been released with Ellie in the lead.

The exciting trailer shows Ellie and her girlfriend in a snowy area where she struggles with the cold and some clickers. We also see Ellie talking to Tommy, Joel’s younger brother.

This week Naughty Dog will also be showing the game to the media, which is likely to receive several different impressions of the game this week.

The Last of Us 2 was announced during PlayStation experience in 2016, after which the first gameplay images appeared in 2018. After a long silence, the PlayStation exclusive appears in the beginning of 2020.

Alongside the trailer, the various editions of the game were announced, including The Last of Us Part II Standard Edition, Special Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Ellie Edition. In collaboration with PlayStation, we worked hard to make sure these versions would be truly special by including content and items drawn from the game and its characters.

The Collector’s Edition, which includes a beautifully crafted 12” Ellie statue, a life-sized replica of Ellie’s bracelet, a custom SteelBook case, 48-page mini art book from Dark Horse, a set of six enamel pins, lithograph art print, and a set of five stickers. The Collector’s Edition also comes with a voucher for digital content, including a PS4 dynamic theme, a set of six PSN avatars, a digital soundtrack, and a digital version of the mini art book.

The Ellie Edition, which will only be available in the US, gives you all of the contents of the Collector’s Edition, plus a full-sized, fully functional recreation of Ellie’s backpack, an embroidered patch, and a 7” vinyl record featuring music from the original soundtrack. We’ll also have a Special Edition version that features the custom SteelBook case and all of the digital content found in the Ellie Edition and Collector’s Edition.

For those that prefer to go digital, the Digital Deluxe Edition is the option, which includes all of the digital content outlined above, as well as a digital copy of the Standard Edition. If you pre-order either of these versions on PlayStation Store, you’ll instantly receive a The Last of Us Part II PSN avatar featuring Ellie’s tattoo. Additionally, if you pre-order any edition of the game, you’ll also receive two in-game unlocks at launch:

  • Ammo Capacity Upgrade: Instantly unlock an ammo capacity upgrade for Ellie’s pistol.
  • Crafting Training Manual: Instantly unlock the Crafting Training Manual, which provides access to new crafting recipes and upgrades.