Google has announced its own subscription service for Android games and apps: Google Play Pass which  is launching in the US this week.

Like the Apple Arcade, which  launched last week, it costs 5 euros a month to be a member of the service. Also on Google Play Pass none of the games have ads or in-game purchases. The difference is that none of the games that Google Play Pass subscribers can play are exclusive to the subscription service.

This is not just about games, but also about other apps, such as AccuWeather. In terms of games, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Terraria, Monument Valley and Risk will be available. In total there are about 350 apps on it, which are refreshed every so often.

Subscribers can recognize Play Pass titles by a special symbol in the app in the Play Store. There is also a separate tab where all content can be found. Just like with Apple Arcade, subscribers can share Play Pass with five family members or friends. The service works on Android smartphones and tablets and laptops.

Google Play pass launches in the United States sometime this week. The service must also come to other countries, but Google has not confirmed which countries these are and if and when the service arrives in the Netherlands.

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