Apple Arcade is now live on iOS 13 beta, this is announced through a tweet from Mark Gurman.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service to play mobile games without ads for 4.99 euros per month. More than a hundred games are available at launch. These games can be downloaded on an Apple device of your choice. An internet connection while playing is then not required, although a periodic confirmation of the subscription is probably necessary. A subscription can be shared with five others.

Among the hundred games that will be available are Sayonara Wild Hearts, ChuChu Rocket Universe, Enter the Gungeon, Pac-Man Party Royale, Rayman Mini, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Skate City and The Enchanted World.

Simogo, the developer of Sayonara Wild Hearts let Twitter know that they were not aware that the game would be part of the beta. It was clear that the game would be part of Apple Arcade, but apparently there was no clear communication about the beta.

Simogo asks if nobody wants to reveal the content for the game to others, the main reason for this is probably because the game is not only for iOS. Simogo wants to ensure that everyone can enjoy the first experience when the game is released for PlayStation 4 and Switch later this week.

You can read more about Apple Arcade here.

Apple Arcade launches on September 19 for all Apple devices.