Destiny 2: New Light will not be a separate version of the game and will contain content from the first year as well as content from the Forsaken expansion. Furthermore, extensions must be purchased again when cross-saves are used.

Bungie posted their weekly blog post about Destiny 2 yesterday. The message mentioned the upcoming Iron Banner event and the new unlockable equipment and weapons, but also answers some questions about the announced Destiny 2: New Light and the cross-save functionality that comes to the game.

Bungie explains that Destiny 2: New Light is not a separate version of the game. Instead, all players are transferred to New Light, but current players retain all their progression and purchased extensions. The free version of New Light contains all content from the first year of Destiny 2, including the main story missions and the Curse of Osiris and Warmind extensions. From the Forsaken expansion, free players have access to the planets, Strikes, Crucible maps, Gambit game modes and certain content of the Annual Pass. Only the story missions, raids and missions for rare Exotic weapons must be purchased separately.

Players who play the free version of Destiny 2: New Light for the first time are introduced to the game through a story mission. In this mission, which is known from Destiny 1, the player wakes up in the Cosmodrome on Earth, then finds a ship and can fly to the Tower. New players also start with a high Power Level, so that they can participate in all free content.

The blog post also gives more details about the operation of the cross-save functionality that comes to the game in September. In this way players can choose one character to transfer to another platform and all the equipment and items of the character are preserved. However, extensions are only valid on the platform on which they were purchased, and must therefore be purchased again on the new platform. It is also confirmed that cross-play between the different platforms is not possible. Google Stadium users are therefore only linked to other Stadium players.